Are you looking for a professional team which can provide your studio with perfecly suited training? Do you want to practice your flirting skills? Do you want to become a webcam star? Or are you looking for new ways how to increase your monthly wage?

If you answered YES to any of the questions above, then you are at the right place and at the right time.

We will be happy to welcome you in our newly opened Flirt Training Centre in the heart of the beautiful metropolis Prague, Czech Republic.

You can acquire a professional training in the following areas:

How can a model help customer with orientation on the website?

Management of the website from model's point of view

How can a model become a Top model and be successful on the site?

Rules and Regulations

What are the sources of information for models and studio managers?

Sources of online and offline income

Studio settings of the website

How to earn more by joining Affiliate program

Technical perspective of Performer Application and Chat Monitor

How can a model become interactive?

Room setting

How can a participation at the educational training help you and your studio?

It starts a more open and active cooperation based on trust between the models and trainers

Change of the performance and behavior in front of the camera of the models completing the training event.

Trainers and Studios managers will learn how they can help their models with technical and personal issues on Flirt4free site

Impact of the training event on the performance of the company, its earnings and benefits




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Meet people from Flirt4Free.

  • Lucie
  • Training & Development Manager

  • Viber/WhatsApp: +420 602 335 644
    Skype: Lucie-F4F
  • Petra
  • Training & Development Manager

  • Viber/WhatsApp: +420 725 887 971
    SKYPE: petra-f4f
  • Jana
  • Training & Development Manager

  • Viber/WhatsApp: +420 601 595 518
    SKYPE: Jana F4F
  • Tisha
  • Training & Development Manager

  • Viber/WhatsApp: +420 722 959 244
    SKYPE: Tisha-F4F
  • Viki
  • Training & Development Manager

  • Viber/WhatsApp: +420 601 567 798
    SKYPE: Viki F4F
  • Annie
  • Social Media Specialist

  • Viber/WhatsApp: +420 725 407 003
    SKYPE: Annie-F4F


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